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Serviced offices

Comfortable offices in modern office buildings, flexibly tailored to your needs.

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Virtual offices

An address for your company with comprehensive front desk services, from 119 PLN/month.

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Conference rooms and offices by the hour
Comfortable conference rooms for 2-11 people for training and business meetings, from 40 PLN/hour.
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Serviced offices
Virtual offices
Conference rooms and offices per hours
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Serviced offices

A serviced office at OmniOffice is a unique office space, including the rental of offices for short periods in the very center of Warsaw. It is a unique solution for both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations. We want your company to be able to focus on developing its potential, and not on the organizational issues that always come up when renting an office. 

We guarantee offices that are ready for work, fully furnished, and equipped with Internet connections. Each of our offices have conference rooms with access to high-quality multimedia equipment, a stocked kitchenette, and the help of reliable front desk personnel. Each of our locations have their own individual character - from creative, intimate spaces to prestigious ones for companies that value classic interiors. We are sure that among the offices we offer for rent, any company can find a space that suits its needs.
Room prepared for a meeting
Access to a wireless Internet connection
Brewing coffee and tea, serving water
Front desk service

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Check what distinguishes serviced offices from traditional offices

Zwiń porównanie

Traditional Offices

Premium class serviced offices

Floor area
min. 200-250 m², best - 500 +
from ca. 15 m² (gabinet 2-3 osobowy)
Lease agreement negotiation time
ca. 3-4 months
From 1 to several days
Office preparation time
min. 3-4 months
1 day
Changing the size of the floor area
Flexible adaptation of the floor area to the needs
Minimum lease term
Mostly 5 years, without notice period
Any, minimum 1 month
Accounting for fees
Rent + operating costs + insurance + counter charges + supply and service contracts
One invoice
Exchange rate risk
Rent in euro
Rent in PLN
Reception service
Employment of a receptionist
Made available to tenants
Conference rooms
To be separated from the rental area
Ready, made available to tenants
Kitchen supplies (coffee, tea, water)
Contract for the supply and lease of equipment
Made available to tenants (no limit)
Adaptation of the office
Co-financed by the tenant
Ready, separate offices
Office equipment and furniture
Financed by the tenant
Ready, made available to tenants
IT connections and landline phones
Financed by the tenant
Ready, made available to tenants
Contract with a cleaning service
Service, made available to tenants

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The virtual office What is it?

A virtual office offers enormous benefits for entrepreneurs. In fact, it is a paid service which provides the address needed to run the business and take care of office formalities, such as handling correspondence without the company having to be physically present in the given place. Thanks to this solution, the entrepreneur incurs much lower costs related to the rental of premises and the employment of office workers.

Room prepared for a meeting
Access to a wireless Internet connection
Brewing coffee and tea, serving water
Front desk service

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How to choose a virtual office?

A virtual office works well for small companies as well as large enterprises that are looking to outsource office services. It is a completely legal solution. There are many packages to choose from, and each one has a different price. For example, a virtual office in Warsaw offers:
Offices may be located in different buildings. Also the most modern ones with a prestigious location. By using the various virtual office rental packages, you can get a discount on the possible rental of co-working space or conference rooms by the hour.

See package comparison

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Basic package
Package with correspondence service
Package with landline phone number
Virtual offices most economic segment
30-75 zł
70-120 zł
125-175 zł
Virtual office near coworking office
500-100 zł
100-200 zł
150-300 zł
Virtual office near serviced office (local)
125-190 zł
150-350 zł
220-400 zł
Virtual office near serviced office (international)
300-420 zł
300-700 zł

Sprawdź prestiżowe lokalizacje naszych biur

Conference rooms and offices per hours

Do you want to conduct training for employees and need a place that will provide you with the right tools and atmosphere? The training rooms by the hour are designed with your needs in mind. 

We have small offices and conference rooms that can accommodate even a 12-person team. OmniOffice proves that cheap training rooms can provide users with the highest level of expectations - especially if they are located in cities like Warsaw.
Room prepared for a meeting
Access to a wireless Internet connection
Brewing coffee and tea, serving water
Front desk service

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Organization of training for employees or clients

Are you a trainer or teacher who regularly organizes courses for your clients? Do you want to find a secluded place where you will raise the qualifications and knowledge of your employees? 

Our offer includes both small offices for 2-4 people and rooms for groups of 4-12 people. This way you can easily conduct tutoring, sessions, or workshops while paying only for the time you use. 

If, on the other hand, you are interested in renting a full-service office, take a look at our serviced offices!

Sprawdź prestiżowe lokalizacje naszych biur

Innowacyjne wyposażenie najwyższej klasy

Jeśli jesteś aktywnym przedsiębiorcą, na pewno zdajesz sobie sprawę z tego, jak istotne są warunki podczas rozmów biznesowych. Nic nie powinno zakłócać oficjalnych spotkań, a atmosfera panująca w sali musi być dostosowana do poziomu profesjonalizmu i oferty. Każda sala szkoleniowa na godziny jest klimatyzowana. Dodatkowo zespół naszych specjalistów oferuje:

obsługę recepcyjną,
parzenie kawy i herbaty,
podanie wody,
dostęp do bezprzewodowego łącza internetowego,
infrastrukturę do telekonferencji,
rolety w przeszklonych salach.
Sale konferencyjne OmniOffice przystosowane są do organizacji spotkań biznesowych, szkoleń, kursów, warsztatów, rozmów biznesowych itp. Dysponują niezbędnym sprzętem multimedialnym, który pozwala na wyświetlanie materiałów audio/wideo, przeprowadzenie prezentacji, czy konferencji międzymiastowej lub międzynarodowej. Warszawa to centrum światowego biznesu. Poznaj szczegółowy cennik na godziny lub dni robocze i w razie pytań skontaktuj się z nami. Nasi specjaliści znajdą najlepsze rozwiązania.

Sale konferencyjne OmniOffice usytuowane są w nowoczesnych obiektach, które znajdują się w najpopularniejszych dzielnicach. Zaliczyć do nich możemy m.in. Centrum lub Śródmieście. Przekonaj się, że mimo prestiżowej lokalizacji, cena nie musi być wysoka, by otrzymać dostęp do lokali dostosowanych do najwyższych standardów.

Sprawdź nasze sale konferencyjne i zadbaj o swój profesjonalny wizerunek!

OmniOffice is not only about offices

We provide entrepreneurs with access to all the necessary services and proven subcontractors who are our partners. Thanks to this, you will reduce the number of responsibilities, minimize the time needed to perform basic activities, and save money that you can spend on a more important goal. 

Don't waste your precious time on something we can do for you. You don’t have to look for accounting, a marketing agency, or legal assistance (consulting in the field of GDPR deserves special attention). Our partners are proven contractors who are characterized by professionalism and attention to maintaining the highest standards.



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Sprawdź prestiżowe lokalizacje naszych biur

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